Horseshoe Bend RV Campground & Boat Ramp on the Ohio River at Leavenworth, Indiana
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Horseshoe Bend RV Campground & Boat Ramp LLC
850 West Court Street
Leavenworth, IN 47137
(812) 972-2119

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The following information and rules are intended to provide an enjoyable and safe family camping experience for you, your family and your camping neighbors. Campers are expected to inform their campsite guests and their children of our rules and are responsible for their supervision. Violation of these rules could result in the early departure of guests and up to the expulsion of the camper without refund.


All campers must be registered at the office before or upon arrival and prior to setting up camp.


Check-in time is 2 pm.
Check-out time is 12 noon.

Because we are located in a valley along the river, our roads may not be the standard 2 lane road...due to this we ask everyone adhere to the check-in and check-out times.  We understand that mechanical things may come up as you are leaving our camp site, we ask that you convey this to management to see if accommodations may be made.


We allow only one RV or camping unit per site, with room for a standard size pleasure boat and vehicle.


Registered campers are allowed to park one vehicle and their trailered boat within the boundaries of their site. Extra space for additional vehicles and boats is available in the visitor's parking lot for the appropriate daily fee or by pre-arrangement.


Facilities at our campground and boat ramp are for registered RV campers and their guests only.

All visitors and boaters must leave the campground and vacate our facilities by 11:00 pm unless they are an overnight guest of a registered RV camper.

RV campers are responsible for ensuring their guests obey all campground rules.

QUIET HOURS: 11 pm to 8 am

Our quiet hours are strictly enforced. The quality of rest and relaxation is important to all campers; please refrain from loud noises and disturbances. Daytime noise should also be at moderate unobtrusive levels to campground neighbors.

After 11 pm, all camper generators must be shut off; radios and TVs must be at minimum volume settings, campfire socials must not be heard beyond their own site borders.

Remember that even normal speaking voices carry.


Sheds and framed canopies are not allowed. In addition, Board of Health Regulations prohibit tents and outside sleeping shelters at this campground.


Extra lighting must remain within the boundary of individual sites, mounted on temporary stands or hangers. Lighting or Lanterns must not be attached to or nailed to trees and must not have an obtrusive impact on neighbors.


NO OPEN DISPLAY of Firearms;
NO DISCHARGE of Firearms;
NO FIREWORKS or loud noise-making devices are allowed in the campground.


This is a family campground and boating facility. The use of alcohol is limited to your own site, or limited to the recreational shelter houses by rental of the facilities and pre-approval by campground management.

Open and identifiable containers of alcohol are not allowed in any of our common areas or on campground roadways.

Driving While Intoxicated whether in a vehicle, golf cart, ATV or boat will not be tolerated. Please designate a safe and alcohol-free driver.

Public Intoxication, abuse of alcohol or illegal use of drugs will not be tolerated.

Violation of our Alcohol and Drug rules will result in eviction from the campground and possible arrest. All campground fees will be forfeited and non-refundable.


Pets are welcome, but owners will be totally responsible for their pets at all times.

Irresponsible owners of pets are a major cause of conflict between campers and can represent a danger to all guests. We enforce our pet rules.

Pets cannot be unattended at any time. You may not leave your pet inside your RV or tied at your site if you leave the campground or go boating.

All pets must be on a 6 foot leash or less when not inside your RV.

No more than two dogs or pets per site.

Noisy pets during the day or after quiet hours will not be allowed to stay. Excessive barking is the number one pet complaint among campers.

Aggressive individual dogs or aggressive dog breeds are not allowed.

All pet litter must be picked up and cleaned up immediately. If they poop, you scoop!


No excessive washing of RVs, Boats or Vehicles at campsites.


Campsites are private. Do not walk through your neighbors site uninvited.


All electric or motorized vehicles must be legally registered and in safe operational condition.

Operator(s) of a golf cart, an ATV or scooter must be a minimum of 16 years of age and have in their possession a valid driver's license.


It is slow for a reason - the safety of your family, your guests, fellow campers and their children.


All campfires must be contained inside the metal fire rings provided on each site. Campfires must be kept knee high or below, and not left unattended.


Only bagged household and picnic trash should be placed into our dumpsters.


DO NOT BURN Trash or Plastics within your campfire rings or at your sites. The smell of burning trash is terribly offensive and potentially toxic to your neighbors.


The selling of goods and services as a business at a campsite or within the campground is prohibited.


  • If a reservation is cancelled 8 or more days prior to arrival, a flat $10 cancellation fee will be charged (per reserved lot cancelled).
  • If a reservation is cancelled between 2 and 7 days prior to arrival, the first nightʼs rental fee will be charged as a cancellation fee (per reserved lot cancelled).
  • If a reservation is moved to another date at least 2 days prior to arrival, there will be no extra fee.
  • If a reservation is cancelled one day before the day of arrival or during time of reservation, the customer will forfeit their entire reservation fee.
  • Cancellations may be done by calling 812-972-2119. Partial cancellations are not allowed. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN DUE TO INCLIMATE WEATHER!



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